Owain Tribute Post


So I fail at life and forgot to make a post for Owain's birthday (when I had every intention of doing so) but I have an infection in my eyes that literally keeps me from seeing well. On top of that, it's ridiculously photosensitive, so I've been living in the dark and wearing sunglasses and turning the brightness down on everything I own just to stop the headaches. More often than not I wake up and my eyes are bleeding too....FUN!

But I think I can manage this at least for now. July 15th was Owain's birthday!!! Of the FE:Awakening people, no one has made me laugh more in this game than Owain. He's totally ridiculous and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. So, here's my birthday spam for Owain!
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Late Birthday Post (Because LJ Never Posted It)



Yes....yes you may have a piece of cake. (This is exactly why you're my FE soulmate)

Sooo...Birthday was on the 25th of June. My day consisted of waking up, going to school, coming home, eating lunch and going to work. This must be life's way of telling me I have to be a responsible adult now? I don't know.

Anyway, some things to share.

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Saturday marked the deadline of my midterm for my Project Management class. Let me be honest, I was given two weeks to work on this, and I literally decided to work on it Saturday afternoon/night before the midnight due time. =_= I AM THE MOST TERRIBLE OF PROCRASTINATORS!!!

In fairness, I've hardly had time to do any work with my job and my Network Security class going on as well. Plus, my brother Davis came back from California. It's been almost four months since he left and we've never been apart before. So I missed him. And spent a lot of time with him. Do I regret anything? Nope!

Except waiting until the literal last minute to do my midterm. Which was a project proposal for a basement remodel. But the part that may come as more of a shock of my epic fail of a school life is this

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Free! Eternal Summer, SuzuKen, and Doodles!

Random entry dump while I wait for class to finish. Been a pretty hectic life lately but we'll see what happens. Notable things though...

End of March marked one year down in my three year degree program!! Yay!!
My brother Davis had stress fractures in his legs and was medically discharged from the Marines (He'll be home in a week or two)
My sister (the runaway) had her baby shower?? I don't know the deets, I didn't go.
My other brother Jacob is being forced to look after his baby and work without any help from his wife. (She quit her job to be a stay at home mom...yet she's never home to watch the baby. She's legitimately useless)
My little brother Daniel will be finishing his first year of high school and he only had one girlfriend!! (In my family, for the boys, that's a serious accomplishment. My brothers were going through girlfriends like they were going out of style)
My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer =( so my mother is going out to Nevada first week of June to see my grandparents.
Colorado is already on fire watch (We are so not going to last as a state I'm telling you)
I was offered an externship!
And I need to find a second job. XD
So, lots going on.

Away from all that tho, SuzuKen's 3rd album, VESSEL, was released recently and I do you go through life and not appreciate this man?


Lol omfg Suzumura I can't....
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Yami Yugi

New Series of Mushi-shi

There was an OVA in January for a series I wrote about a long time ago called Mushi-shi. Basically, it's a beautifully animated, thought inducing series that follows a man named Ginko as he investigates people who have been affected by the phenomenon known as Mushi. These creatures coexist with the human world but humans cannot normally see them. Anyways, the main character (and only realy character) is Ginko. Tho I could argue the doctor is a main character too. If he shows up in Zoku Shou


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Kratos and Lloyd

Tales Husbands

Found these on tumblr...and had to have them in my life. fantastic_fluri wondered about the men of Xillia 2 and while I don't know much about them...all I know if HOLY CRAP THEY ARE HOT. But speaking of hot...have some Tales series men wearing formal attire.Collapse )
Gintoki and Hidenori

Tales of Festival 2011 Special Skit

I'm a bad student, watching these again instead of doing classwork

Been a while since I've watched the Tales of Festival series. These interactions between characters kill me. Also, it gives me a chance to die laughing over Zelos, because he's also Momoshiro's seiyuu. I love that man, he's so cracktastic.

I believe the 2013 one is out(?) so I'll have to hunt that down too.

This is one where Zelos and Jay are storytellers telling a Japanese folktale using various Tales peeps as the characters. Rita and Lloyd are the old woman and the old man....and Senel (SUZUMURAAAAAAAAAAAA) is the peach baby. Lmfao that does his own thing. Because he's Senel. The part that cracks me up the most is when Asbel, Emil, and Raven come in and Senel is trying to keep them away from him. Suzumura about to drop kick someone in this I was dying the first time I saw it. Found it again, so I decided to share. Subs are kinda iffy at times but you get the general idea. (There's a part where Jude's subs say 13rd....lmfao what is that...)

Random post. I just love Suzumura to death. <3 And I love the Tales series. XILLIA 2 IN JULY TAKE MY MONEY SO I CAN SEE THE BEAUTIFUL LUDGER AND JULIUS!!!!
Kratos and Lloyd

I Officially Love Hubert the Most

For those who have not played Tales of Graces/Tales of Graces f, Hubert is the one of the main characters and brother to the main protagonist. As a child he's a shy, timid boy that is super smart. I figured from the opening he would end up being one of my favorites.


Dawwww little Hubert is the cutest thing!!!

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Gintoki and Hidenori

February 10 - Happy Birthday Hosoya Yoshimasa!!

Just a quick post dedicated to one of my all-time favorite voice actors. Today marks the birthday of Hosoya Yoshimasa.

Hosoya Yoshimasa

The amount of love I have for this man is immeasurable. I'd be here all day talking about all of the reasons I love him. He's funny, he's dorky, he's adorable and he's like super modest. His popularity has pretty much soared recently and he deserves it. He does really great work and gives such depth and personality to the characters he plays. And that voice. Omg that voice.

Happy Birthday Hosoya!!! Keep doing what you do!!